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Our mission is to provide personalized, up to date, highest quality eye care. We believe that everyone needs healthy eyes and clear vision. To achieve that everyone needs a regular eye exams. During routine eye exam we check your vision, evaluate how eyes work together as a team, assess health of your eyes and provide you with an updated glasses prescription. We are happy to perform examination for contact lenses and provide you with updated contact lens prescription. We use modern technology such as retinal and anterior segment camera to evaluate and document health of different parts of the eye. Dr. Filatova believes that evaluation of peripheral vision is very important part of the exam that is why she offers automated peripheral vision screening test to all her patients free of charge.

Our Expertise

We believe it’s vital to provide exceptional care to our patients. We care about your family’s eyes as much as you do.

Eye Exam

Your vision prescription can change over time. Have a regular eye checkups so your glasses and contact prescription stays up to date.

Pediatric Eye Exam

Pediatric Eye Exam

Vision is one of the most important aspects of the development of a child.

Medical Evaluation

Many have asked but few have checked. Let’s have a look at your eyes and see your ocular health.

Red Eye

We never turn anybody away who needs care for a red and painful eye.

Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetic Eye exam

Annual eye exam is an important component for the management of diabetes.

Myopia control

Myopia is a leading cause of distance refractive error affecting ~ 1.45 billion people or 27% of the world’s population.

Why People Trust Us

Dr. Filatova strives to deliver the highest quality of eyecare possible. She believes that everyone needs healthy eyes and clear vision. She takes pride in the accuracy and efficiency of the diagnosis and treatment that takes place within our clinic.

High Quality

Our office provide premium medical eye care in our locations. Whether you require a routine eye examination or need a new pair of eyeglass frames, we can help you.

Personal Attention

The comprehensive eye exams we conduct not only determine our patients need for vision correction but offer early detection and treatment of eye diseases.

What You See Matters

What People Say About Us

Robert P. Jarvis

I came a while ago to upgrade my eyeglasses prescription and my contacts, Dr. Elena Filatova is so professional, she helped me and I appreciate everything she is done!


Message to my Russian patients:

Я всегда рада приветствовать Вас в моей в клинике. Я приложу все усилия для того чтобы оказать Вам необходимую помощь. Если у вас возникают сложности при записи на прием на английском языке пожалуйста пригласите меня к телефону и я буду рада вам помочь.
С уважением, Елена Филатова