Myopia control

Myopia control

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a leading cause of distance refractive error affecting ~ 1.45 billion people or 27% of the world’s population. Myopia development and progression starts at the childhood. Comprehensive eye exam allows eye care professional to diagnose myopia and prescribe appropriate vision correction option for the patient. However the question on how to slow down or stop the progression had been studied for decades. Currently eye care professisonals have several tools that have shown to be effective in myopia control.

  1. CRT lenses

  2. Multifocal contact lenses

  3. Using Atropine eye drops

Multiple studies have been concluded on all above mentioned options. In our practice we decide which option is the most appropriate for the patient and we make a recommendation on the best choice. 

It is considered to be a big achievement in modern medicine to positively affect and control such a global and difficult to manage condition as a myopia.