Hearing Test

Eye and Ear Care

A Professional Collaboration

We are happy to announce a collaboration between eye and ear professionals at our office. We are now offering hearing testing.

Hearing health is important for a good quality of life. We recognize the value of hearing evaluation and are happy to offer that type of service.

What You Can Expect In Your Hearing Test

When you arrive for the hearing test the professional will first collect your medical information, list of medications and inquire about any symptoms you might be experiencing. Your ears will be inspected for the signs of wax or any other cause for concern. Then the  professional will determine the best test or a combination of tests to accurately access your hearing. Hearing tests are painless and quick. Total testing time varies from 20 to 40 minutes and provides the hearing professional with your personal result, called an audiogram. Based on the audiogram, we’ll necessary recommendations. If your audiogram indicates a hearing loss a hearing aid may be recommended. Our trained and experienced professional will assist you at choosing the best hearing aid option customized for your type of hearing loss. Hearing aid will be fitted and tested while you’re in our office.  After the successful fitting, a follow up appointment will be scheduled for adjustments. Further adjustments can be made as needed. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Importance of Eye And Ear Care

Eyes and ears provide us with the most important sensory information in our daily lives. Let us do our part to help you keep them healthy and functional. Schedule an appointment with our eye or ear care professional today!

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